miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

Romanian Stuffed Cabbage

Love, patriotism, hospitality and delicious stuffed cabbage!

For a consistent portion we need:
·      250g rice
·      1 kilo of minced pork
·      The leaves of a pickled cabbage
·      Salt
·      Pepper
·      3 onions
·      50 ml of sunflower oil
·      Green fennel
·      3 laurel leaves
·      4-5 thyme branches
·      5-6 pieces of gammon
·      1 cup of tomato juice

We wish you bon appétit!

The children in our kindergarten that participated in the Erasmus project at preparing the stuffed cabbage were from the groups of Mrs. Nagy Reka and Veres Anima.
The children take the composition with a spoon and place it on a cabbage leaf that they hold in their hand. Then, they roll the leaf and close it at its two ends. There they have the stuffed cabbage!

They place it into the pot and boil it.

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