viernes, 26 de febrero de 2016

Romania- Fruit compote


1 kg apples
1 kg grapes
1 kg pears


3-4 liters of water
1 kg sugar

How to make:
Wash the fruits

Pick the grapes berries from the clusters.
Cut the pears and apples into smaller pieces.
Place the fruits in the jars up to the middle.
Fill the jars with syrup.
Place the jar lids.
Boil the jars for 8-10 minutes in a pot filled with water, until the fruits change color.

Romania- Muffins


l  250 g flour
l  1 teaspoon of bicarbonate
l  140 g sour cherry, banana or blueberries etc
l  2 teaspoon of cacao
l  100 g sugar
l  2 eggs
l  150 ml yogurt
l  100 g melted butter or oil


We stir the dry ingredients up with the liquid ingredients until it will be like a cream. Then we fill the paper cups, and we cook them 'till (20\25 minutes) ,the muffins begin to grow.

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

Romania- Surimi salad

l    300 grams of surimi
l    3-5 green onions
l    100 grams of sweet corn
l    2-3 table spoons of mayonnaise (1 egg  yolk, 50 ml of sunflower  oil, 1    teaspoon of mustard)
l    salt , peper

       HOW TO MAKE:
1.     Chop the surimi and the onions into pieces.
2.     Mix the chopped surimi and onions with the corn in a bowl.
3.     Stir the egg yolk with the sunflower oil and the mustard into a mayonnaise.
4.     Add the mayonnaise to the surimi mix.
5.     Add salt and pepper.

      The salad is served on toast.