viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

Romania- Surimi salad

l    300 grams of surimi
l    3-5 green onions
l    100 grams of sweet corn
l    2-3 table spoons of mayonnaise (1 egg  yolk, 50 ml of sunflower  oil, 1    teaspoon of mustard)
l    salt , peper

       HOW TO MAKE:
1.     Chop the surimi and the onions into pieces.
2.     Mix the chopped surimi and onions with the corn in a bowl.
3.     Stir the egg yolk with the sunflower oil and the mustard into a mayonnaise.
4.     Add the mayonnaise to the surimi mix.
5.     Add salt and pepper.

      The salad is served on toast.

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